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Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft

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Product details of Statistics For Managers Using Microsoft

Author: David M Levine

  • Analyze data through a focus on software results: New end-of-chapter Excel Guides new in-depth Excel step-by-step instructions improved and new Excel Guide workbooks a new and expanded version of PHStat2, the statistics add-in system for Excel four new appendices on Excel and improved compatibility with all Mac Excel versions and OpenOffice.org Calc 3, the open-source, Excel work-alike application (in-depth Excel instructions only).
  • An Integrated Five-step Approach – Define, Collect, Organize, Visualize and Analyze (DCOVA): This framework makes it easier for students to follow the progression of applying statistics. This edition further refines and extends the use of the DCOVA framework as an integrated approach for applying statistics to help solve business problems.
  • Using Statistics: This feature at the start of each chapter shows how statistics are used in accounting, finance, information systems, management, or marketing. Each scenario is used throughout the chapter to provide an applied context for the concepts.
  • o Case Studies: The text focuses on showcasing the application of fundamental concepts to realistic business scenarios through detailed case studies in numerous chapters, a continuing case titled,’Managing the Springville Herald’and a team project relating to mutual funds.


The advancements made in the field of Information Technology in recent times have helped the world of business statistics grow and mesh with other disciplines to create new ones such as informatics, data analytics, and decision science. To capture this change in how statistics is required to be used, hence, studied and taught, Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excelis written and refined with an emphasis on data analysis through an interpretation of the results from Microsoft® Excel, thus, reducing the focus on doing the computations.

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