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Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 2nd Edition

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Product details of Security Analysis And Portfolio Management 2nd Edition

Author: M. Ranganatham and R. Madhumathi

  • About the Authors M. Ranganatham is the Head of the Department and the Professor in the Department of Commerce at the School of Business and Management, University of Madras. He completed his PhD from the Bangalore University. He has authored and co-authored many books including Derivatives and Risk Management and Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management.R. Madhumati is the Assistant Professor of Finance in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. She has authored and co-authored several books. Some of them are Derivatives and Risk Management and Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management.


M. Ranganatham and R. Madhumathi’s Security Analysis and Portfolio Management is a comprehensive book that helps in understanding the foundation and the fundamental topics of the subject. It comprises of concepts like portfolio building process, portfolio performance evaluations, portfolio risk analysis, and mutual fund management, among many others. The book has been compiled by keeping the Indian Business Schools’ students in mind. The case studies and real-time examples also bring out this domestic perspective. There are extensive summaries, objectives of learning, important terms, review questions and other exercises at the end of every chapter for a better insight into the topics. Stock Exchanges and Stock Market in India, Investment Opportunities, Services of Intermediaries, Debt and Equity Instruments and their Valuation are some of the other concepts covered in the book. It is essential for business and management studies students.

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