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Electronic Commerce: A Managers Guide

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Product details of Electronic Commerce: A Managers Guide 1St Edition 1St Edition

Author: Kalakota

  • Provides a clear overview of what electronic commerce is all about
  • Specifies the business uses and technology directions of the World Wide Web
  • Clarifies management issues facing Internet Service Providers
  • Explains firewalls, transaction security, and electronic payment methods
  • Describe electronic commerce applications and challenges in banking, retailing and publishing
  • Covers electronic commerce applications internally within the corporation—supply-chain management, manufacturing and finance


Electronic Commerce: A Manager’s Guide is the ideal starting point for business managers and professionals involved with electronic commerce, as well as professionals and users who want to keep abreast of the latest trends and issues in management practices affected by electronic commerce technology. Authors Ravi Kalakota and Andrew Whinston take a down-to-death approach to a very important business subject, with insightful examples to show how ideas have been put into practice.

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