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Train The Trainer

Soft Skills today is at center stage at colleges as well as at work place. HR Managers consider Soft Skills as very important aspects while hiring candidates. Soft Skills are primarily personal attributes of individuals which has a lot to do with one’s interpersonal skills. Soft skills are extremely vital to have an everlasting first impression and it continues when you work in small groups or in teams.  Certified Soft Skills Trainer has wide range of industry to build their career especially colleges, trainings institutions and corporate sector hires Soft Skills Trainer and you can work full time or on assignment basis.

Your opportunity to get trained by Nepal’s leading Soft Skills Training Company, and to become a world class Soft Skills Trainer


For details contact bd@lccigq.com ; +977-9801185357.

Benefits of becoming LCCI GQ Certified Soft Skills Trainer:

  • Opportunity to work with LCCI Nepal
  • Globally recognized certification
  • 20 free ready to run training modules
  • 360 degree feedback and total post training support
  • Art of re-framing language
  • Guidance on how to set your training/coaching fees
  • Sales & Marketing training provided to launch yourself as a trainer
  • Motivating inspiring and leadership driven
  • 3 days personal interaction with LCCI Trainers focusing on producing world class soft skills trainer
  • Life transforming, holistic program
  • Module on science & art of goal setting & goal reaching
  • Rich training videos and exclusive training music as a gift to you
  • Visible fast results
  • Limited Participants

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