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Corporate Trainings

In the ever changing and dynamic environment, organizations have to cope with changes. For organizations to strive and achieve success, it is its human resource which has to deliver results. LCCI GQ offers wide range of corporate trainings which has been developed by taking inputs from various industry players and through intensive research. At LCCI we offer one stop solution for Corporate Trainings and our customized trainings ranges from 7 hours to 30 hours depending upon the availability of time and affordability.

Our corporate trainings are result oriented and ensure productivity at workplace. At LCCI our trainings are designed around a simple training philosophy of E3: Energise, Educate and Entertain. LCCI GQ works with various national and international organizations and has been helping organizations in their journey of growth.

The list of corporate trainings are provided below – 

Managing Workforce Diversity   – 1 Day

Corporate Leadership    – 2 Days

Customer Service  – 30 Hrs

Drive your Life   – 1 Day

Effective Communication Skills  – 1 Day

Employee Skills Development    – 1 Day

Employee Skills Development    – 3 Days

Finding Joy at Work  -1 Day

Leadership Skills Development –               1 Day

Managerial Skills Development  – 1 Day

Marketing and Sales  -1 Day

Personal Development-  1 Day

Time Management  -1 Day

Project Management:Skills for Success – 30 Hrs

Selling and Sales Management  – 2 Days

Together we Can  -1 Day

Together we Can  -2 Days

Writing Skills  -28 Hrs

Emotional Intelligence – 1 Day

Strategic Planning – 3 Days

Psychosocial training for psychosocial workers- 10 Days

Certified Soft Skills Trainer-3 Days


* In the above list of training programs, we can see same programs with different duration, as we have customized the trainings according to the requirements of the client.


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